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India’s devotion to her music and other arts and her efforts to preserve and enrich them go back to the ages. Religion was the nucleus of all artistic endeavour in our country, and if our music has survived through the ravages of time and history as an unbroken tradition, it is because of its spiritual content and approach.

The genius of music found its expression through our great seers and saints. The immortal sage, Bharata, looked upon music as a noble heritage of human spirit – a form of worship and a means of salvation. This gospel of Bharata has, over the centuries, continued to inspire a great many saints to dedicate themselves to the noble mission of propagating music among their fellow beings, who are always in quest of happiness – of inner peace and environment.

Sangeet Sudhakar Swami Shreevallabhdasji was one such Saint who chose to follow the tradition of his great forbears.  Swamiji hardly needs any introduction in the world of Indian music.  Right from his early childhood he had deep interest in music and used to sing bhajans in his sweet and high-pitch voice.  He had received no training, and yet he drew crowds to hear his sweet devotional music.

Equally instinctive was his dispassion for worldly life.  He gave himself up to the Swami Narayan sect while only a boy of eight and donned saffron robe to serve God through music, which was destined to be his life-long mission.  During the earlier part of his life after initiation, he had the good fortune of studying dhruvapad, dhamar and thumris composed by the two great saint-musicians Swami Brahmanand and Swami Premanand.  Besides vocal music, he also had the privilege of coming in close contact with Swami Prabhujiwandasji from whom he received the training in mridang-playing.